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Silver is one of the most valued precious metals on the earth, and is used to make many things: Utensils (where do you think the term "silverware" comes from?) jewelry, coins, and many others. However, what may not be as popular to those not familiar with silver are the statues that many people make using the valued precious metal silver.

First let's examine silver throughout history. Silver has been used to ornaments, statues, and utensils for thousands of years. Silver was even mentioned in the book of Genesis!

Silver is found in its base form as what is called an alloy with gold. It is also found in ores containing various compounds like sulfur, arsenic, chlorine, and antimony. The metal is primary produced through a refining process known as electrolytic copper refining, gold nickel and zinc refining, and by using a process known as the Parkes Process, which is when zinc is added to liquid lead that contains silver and the silver moves on the zinc, which is then easily removed.

So how do they make the statues? Well it can be done with a number of methods. The first method is casting, when a cast of the statue is made, then liquid silver is poured into the cast, and then the cast is cooled and allowed to solidify. Some silver statues are very complex, and the casting allows the minute details to be solidified properly and look as good as they can. There are many different types of casting, with two main types: expendable and non-expendable. In most situations, silver will be used with expendable mold casting to be more precise with the intricacies of the silver.

So what types of statues are usually silver? Well, the Buddhist religion has often made statues of silver of their religious figures, such as Ganesha -- considered a symbol of prosperity and growth, and is known by Indians around the world, Rajasthani, Shani, and Shrinath. However, Buddhism and India isn't the only place you can find such splendid figures. Silver statues can be found all over the world. However, statues aren't the only artwork made of silver. There were also sterling silver plaques made in Paris. A famous silversmith, Charles Christofle, was renowned for his ability to craft amazing works of art. One piece he was especially known for was a medal he crafted at the height of his abilities, which was then engraved by the famous Oscar Louis Roty.

How does one find silver statues? Well, they are rare these days, as the market for silver statues has largely been reduced to religious artifacts, mostly Hindu or Buddhist ones at that. The ones that do exist now are mostly antiques, but there still is a multitude of antique silver statues and other assorted silver sculptures.
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