Brutus the Dragon

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Brutus the Dragon

available in 8oz and 30oz versions!

Knuckles down and teeth bared, one might mistake Brutus for a mindless battle hungry grunt. This would be a graven error, for beneath the formidable exterior is a cool, albeit a bit prickly, calculating beast that has already anticipated his opponents next three moves. Wings built for speed and brandishing a razor sharp tail made for bashing, you'll want Brutus on you side at the office and on the battlefield.

With Coco the Dragon in the watchtower and Brutus on the front line, this collection just got EPIC.

Meticulously crafted, universally revered, Silver Statues for the mindful collector.

Contains 8+ troy ounces of solid silver. Measures 3.14" (8 cm) tall with a width of 4.33" (11 cm). Each statue comes with certificate of authenticity. Limited mintage of 1,000 pieces. Features laser-engraved serial number and purity

Meet the Artist - 3D Master Sculptor Cosmin Morar

Cosmin Morar is not merely a sculptor, nor is he simply a CG and 3D character artist. He is an undisputed master of the craft, expecting nothing but excellence. Morar holds a Masters Degree in Sculpture from the University of Unate Bucharest, where he currently resides.

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