Anubis: Lord of the Underworld Silver Statue - Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles
Anubis: Lord of the Underworld Silver Statue - Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles
Anubis: Lord of the Underworld Silver Statue - Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles
Anubis XL

Anubis XL

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  • Dimensions: L 3.7cm x W 6cm x H 19.5cm
  • Contains 45+ troy ounces of solid silver
  • Weight is 1515+ grams
  • Limited to 1,000 casts
  • Features a laser-etched serial number & purity
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity


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Learn the whole story and see future statues in the Gods of Ancient Egypt Collection.

Dating all the way back to 3100 BC, the ancient civilization of Egypt contains some of the world’s greatest mysteries. With its massive structures and intricate hieroglyphics, it still leaves us with the unanswered question: did man have the power to create such greatness, or was it the Gods themselves?

Available in both 13 & 45 Troy Ounce versions! The XL version includes a special feature - the base has a real opening sarcophagus!

Standing tall with intimidating posture and near perfect muscularity, the Egyptian God Anubis is depicted as half man, half jackal, reigning the underworld for centuries!

Don’t plan on entering the afterlife before coming face to face with Anubis and proving your worth. Shall your heart weigh more than his feather your soul will be devoured by demons and doomed to oblivion. However, Anubis is a kind God. Shall your soul prove worthy he shall usher your soul into an eternal afterlife!

Cast in the finest Sterling silver and standing on top a sarcophagus with detailed hieroglyphics, this Anubis statue captures the God himself guarding a grave with his infamous scepter. There is no doubt Anubis will watch over the statue’s owner and eventually guide him in a safe passing to the ultimate afterlife.