Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set
Nativity Set

Nativity Set

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  • Ten piece Nativity set
  • Contains 30+ troy oz of silver
  • Weighs 1008+ grams
  • Limited mintage of 250 sets
  • Features laser-engraved serial number and purity
  • Includes certificate of authenticity

**Only 3 sets available, shipping 1st week of November

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Sadly, due to whacky shipping costs & unpredictable transit times, we have suspended sales to international fans. We're as bummed as you are.

If you really cannot live without this acquisition, please get in contact with us. We'll need you to be brave enough to deal with the crooks in your customs office, and patient enough to wait possibly indefinitely, and wealthy enough to pay the actual shipping costs; if all this is true, we'll be happy to serve you.

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Oh come let us adore him! Introducing a limited edition collection depicting one of the greatest scenes of history, the New Testament Nativity story.

Join the three Wisemen as the Christmas story unfolds in splendid style. Share the excitement and wonder with your loved ones for generations to come with this Intricate 10 Piece Nativity Set in solid silver.

The statue set includes detailed representations of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, 3 wise men, and shepherd with sheep, camel, and cow to complete the classic manger scene.

Let's bring the wonder and magic home this year and share the story of the very first Christmas.



Dimensions: H 1.0" x W 0.5" x L 0.5"
Weighs 11.02 grams


Dimensions: H 2.2" x W 1.2" x L 0.7"
Weighs 98.26 grams


Dimensions: H 1.2" x 0.9" x L 0.7"
Weighs 80.93 grams


Dimensions: H 2.7" x W 1.0" x, L 0.8"
Weighs 112 grams


Dimensions: H 2.9" x W 1.0" x L 1.2"
Weighs 141.83 grams

Wiseman 1

Dimensions: H 3.0" x W 1.1" x L 0.9"
Weighs 171.76 grams

Wiseman 2

Dimensios: H 2.9" x W 1.1" x L 1.2"
Weighs 139.03 grams

Wiseman 3

Measuring H 2.2" x W 1.0" x L 1.5"
Weighs 132.3 grams


Measuring H 2.2" x W 1.0" x L 0.9"
Weighs 102.11 grams

Baby Jesus

Measuring H 1.3" x W 0.4" x L 0.7"
Weighs 26.77 grams