Staunton Solid Silver 32-piece Chess Set - Silver Statues
Staunton Solid Silver 32-piece Chess Set

Staunton Solid Silver 32-piece Chess Set

A Staunton set is the gift of timeless appeal, commanding respect and admiration from all who look upon its grace. But this premium set is the exception. It ascends all expectation.

In producing this decorative chess set, it was imperative to retain the dignity of Staunton, while enhancing it with the luxurious weight and radiance, that only solid silver can.

A Truly Remarkable Chess Set, Crafted To Exacting Standards

  • 32 pieces .925 silver Staunton chess set (16 rhodium dipped, mirror polished, 16 black ruthenium dipped, mirror polished)
  • King height: 4" / King base diameter 1.25"
  • Board: Glossy Grey Briar veneer board / Dimensions: 17.3" x 17.3" with a square size: 2”
  • Protective casing, certificate of authenticity and unique serial number
  • only 1000 sets available worldwide

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