The Soaring Eagle 8oz Silver Statue
The Soaring Eagle 8oz Silver Statue
The Soaring Eagle 8oz Silver Statue
The Soaring Eagle Silver Statue - Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles
The Soaring Eagle Silver Statue - Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles
The Soaring Eagle Silver Statue - Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles

The Soaring Eagle 8oz Silver Statue

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  • Dimensions: H 3.1" x W 6.2"
  • Contains 8+ Troy ounces of solid silver
  • Weighs 269 grams
  • Limited to 1,000 casts
  • Features a laser-engraved serial number & purity
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

**HANDCRAFTED - Please allow 8-10 weeks

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For as long as man has walked the earth, so too the majestic eagle has soared overhead casting a shadow of stoic symbolism. But one can’t honor this symbolism without first recognizing the eagle’s spiritual connection to Source. From ancient Sumerian texts and Greek Mythology, to present day Native American ceremony, the eagle was first known as a messenger of God, and the link between the physical and spiritual world. And this connection may even pre-date written language. The oldest record of bipeds interacting with eagles dates back 130,000 years! In Croatia, 8 talons purposed as jewelry were found alongside Neanderthal remains and officially published in 2014.
As the undisputed “King of the Skies” The eagle is commonly known as a global symbol of strength, courage, protection, wisdom, and freedom. This bird was first seen as a battle standard in 540 BC by Cyrus the Great, and used in Roman Heraldry around 102BC by consul Gaius Marius. It was this rich Roman history, and symbolism that lead the bald eagle to become adopted as the official emblem of the United States of America.
While the mighty eagle is found around the world, the bald eagle is found primarily in North America. He’s actually not bald as the name suggests. He is distinct due to his white head and his name comes from the English word piebald, which means “white-headed”. The Golden Eagle - Mexico’s national bird – is also found in North America, but in Eurasia and Africa too.
When you meet the eagle up close, you discover he’s incredibly smart, and an energy conserving survivalist. He can reach speeds of up to 75 miles p/h diving for his own fish, which he then grasps with one talon, while tearing the flesh with the other. And as cartoons depict, you don’t want to get picked up by those talons and dropped into an eagles nest, they can reach up to 8 feet wide and 13 feet deep!

From his spiritual connection, to his impressive size we’ve captured this majestic bird in full flight and dipped him in solid silver for you take home today as part of our Great Outdoors Collection. Keep your King of the Sky close as a totem animal, spirit guide, or simply to offer courage and strength when you need it most.

The Symbol of Freedom

A story widely circulated during the American Revolution claimed that at an early battle of the war, the noise of the fighting woke the bald eagles in the nearby mountains. As the birds swooped down from their nests, they began to make loud cries. The American soldiers are said to have thought the eagles were ''shrieking for freedom.''

Since June 20, 1782, the Eagle has been used as an emblem of United States of America because of how majestically it soars in the sky signifying strength and freedom.

"Thus the eagle, full of the boundless spirit of freedom, living above the valleys, strong and powerful in his might, has become the national emblem of a country that offers freedom in word and thought and an opportunity for a full and free expansion into the boundless space of the future."

--Maude M. Grant