Silver Soldiers

Our Silver Soldiers Collection Captures in Detail the Grit, Bravery, and Action of America's Heroes in the Most Challenging Battles of History!

War is hell. It's dirty, loud, and demanding. America's heroes must bring their best to every maneuver, each engagement, and never ending confrontations with the enemy. Now YOU can be a part of history with these magnificent recreations of real GI's locked in conflict, ready to protect our freedom at every turn.

Each member of this magnificent collection is a top quality collector's creation painstakingly hand fashioned with solid silver. Every soldier and commander has their own name and personality, be sure to Collect them all!

Now own the world's finest collection of silver army men to fire your imagination for hours of enjoyment. Recreate famous battles, win the war, and change history. Choose your favorite Silver Soldiers now at let the games begin!

The Silver Army
40 years ago they were your biggest ally. Trustworthy and brave, they never let you down. Every day you’d head out to the rock garden or sandpit and command your green plastic battalion to victory (… but sometimes defeat). Complex maneuvers were executed, dinosaur toys attacked, and enemies defeated. When the dust had settled, you’d line your men up again, a job well done! But soon you’d be called for dinner, protesting, the next battle would have to wait.
The first American plastic toy soldiers were made 80 years ago, in 1938 by Bergen Toy & Novelty Co. They eventually became known as army men and differed from the more expensive ‘toy soldier’ found in hobby shops. The first plastic army men were painted like lead soldiers, however, we know them today as either green, tan or grey and somewhat smaller.
But the real story isn’t how plastic soldiers came to be. The real tales are the countless battles won and lost to millions of kids worldwide. Made from tough plastic, army men could traverse any terrain, withstand any impact and fight the most epic battles. They tumbled from cliffs, took on firecracker explosions, and stopped toy trains in their tracks. With the restrictions of breakability lifted, children carved out more rugged and creative play. All children, no matter which corner of the globe you looked, had a universal ‘do-or-die’ army man style. Plastic army men didn’t just serve as toys, they became a form of expression.
And as you think about your own story now, what memories come to mind? Maybe you have a favorite army man or squad? Perhaps he even served in a board game as a replacement token. Most likely, you’ll find him here.
From indestructible plastic to solid silver, we’re proud to introduce The Silver Army, an amazing 10 piece collectible set of your favorite army men in .925 silver. Notice the attention to detail on each piece, because nothing has been missed. From the battle-weary look on their faces to the mesh detail on their distinctive helmets, it’s obvious these are army men for grown-ups.