how its made


hand crafting a masterpiece

Achieving the high quality and fine detail our silver statues are famous for is not as simple as just pouring molten silver into a mold. In fact, it is a long journey from initial idea to production, requiring many months of dedicated work. Our workshop bustles with activity as our team of designers and artisans combine their expertise to make our solid silver statues.

our process begins with

We believe that the best and most expressive collectible statues are inspired by epic stories, bringing to life iconic moments and characters from myth and legend, history and culture. Each of our solid silver statues is born creative inspiration and captures the spirit of its subject in extraordinary detail. 

Taking the idea from the metaphorical drawing board to the literal one requires hours of precise, detail-focused work to ensure every feature is exactly right.

design development
digital and 3d modeling

Using the latest technology and advanced artistic knowledge our designers build on-screen digital models bringing those initial ideas to life and meticulously configuring the desired specifications.

Our Thai artisans have adapted their traditional silversmith skills to utilize this innovative new technology, taking their already spectacular talents into new territory.

Silver Statues craftspeople use high density plastics and waxes to create 3D models of the statue to test composition and achieve accurate weight and balance.

the casting process
pure silver perfection

Using old-world casting methods, the secrets of which have been passed through families from generation to generation- these techniques ensure that liquid silver reaches all areas of the mold. Creating that exquisite, high-detail result we're famous for. The process requires a temperature of nearly 1000 degrees Celsius!

However, the true beauty of the finished product comes from the hand-finishing process of cleaning and polishing to reveal a bright and lustrous sheen.

wrapping up
the finished product

Each statue is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets our strict standards of quality before laser-engrave it with its production number, weight and the purity of the silver.

Custom boxes and foam ensure a safe and protected fit for these precious works of art. Certificates of Authenticity accompany each piece with our signature cleaning cloths.

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