Bastet: Goddess of Protection 11toz
Bastet: Goddess of Protection 11toz
Bastet: Goddess of Protection 11toz
Bastet: Goddess of Protection 11toz
Bastet: Goddess of Protection 11toz
Bastet: Goddess of Protection 11toz
Bastet: Goddess of Protection 11toz
Bastet: Goddess of Protection -

Bastet: Goddess of Protection 11toz

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Bastet: Goddess of Protection - On your amulet, a number of kittens would have sat at Bastet’s feet depicting your desired number of children. But why kittens? Bastet was highly regarded as a great mother, and known as the Goddess of Protection – two traits recognized by the ancient Egyptians in cats.

Bastet wasn’t always known as she is seen here with her cat-like features. Before the unification of Egypt, Bastet was known in Lower Egypt as the Goddess of Warfare, with the head of a lion. By the 22nd Dynasty (c 945 – 715 BC), Bast had transformed to Bastet, from Goddess of Warfare, to Goddess of Protection and her lioness features became softer, like a cat.

Teeming with feminine energy, Bastet became the Goddess of all things feminine, including the home, dance, pleasure, sexuality, fertility, family, pregnancy and children. But Bastet also possessed the eye of Ra and is also known as the Goddess of fire, and sunrise. Gentle and protective, one would be cautious about angering her, as she was capable of becoming a fierce lioness once again. 
Contains 11+ Troy ounces of solid silver. 
  • Dimensions: L 3.8cm x W 5.6cm x H 11.2cm
  • Contains: 11+ troy ounces of solid silver
  • Weight: 370+ grams
  • Limited Casts: 250
  • Includes: Certificate of Authenticity, custom box and laser fit foam. Each piece has laser-etched serial number & purity .925 silver

    Bastet is part of our complete Gods of Ancient Egypt Collection. Accompanied by Isis: Goddess of Magic, Horus: God of the Sky, and Anubis: God of the Underworld all available in standard and XL statues. With new additions in development now! 

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