Horus XL: God of the Sky
Horus XL: God of the Sky
Horus XL: God of the Sky
Horus XL: God of the Sky
Horus XL: God of the Sky
Horus XL: God of the Sky

Horus XL: God of the Sky

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Solid silver statue of Horus: God of the Sky - When the god of Chaos had been reigning terror and it was time for an end. As the massive army led by Horus' brother Seth approached to bring poison and disruption, Horus called upon the magic of the sun to blind the enemies and send them into a state of confusion.
Unable to see who was friend or foe viciously killing themselves and the attack sent Horus' evil brother on the run!

Brought to life this powerful sky god and protector of Egypt, avenger of wrongs and defender of order is equipped with two impressive falcons sitting at his side. Atop a base beautifully crafted with intricate hieroglyphic carvings like The Eye of Horus and much more.

Horus XL will have a very limited mintage but is available in the 12oz standard size by request.  The XL contains the exclusive extra feature with a secret drawer for hiding treasure!

  • Dimensions: L 29.5cm x W 19.5cm x H 8.6cm
  • Contains: 46+ troy ounces of solid silver
  • Weight: 1546+ grams
  • Limited Casts: 250
  • Includes: Certificate of Authenticity, custom box and laser fit foam. Each piece has laser-etched serial number & purity

Horus is part of our complete Gods of Ancient Egypt Collection. Accompanied by Isis: Goddess of Magic, Anubis: God of the Underworld, and Bastet: Goddess of Protection all available in standard and XL statues. With new additions in development now! 

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