Isis XL: Goddess of Magic -
Isis XL: Goddess of Magic -
Isis XL: Goddess of Magic -
Isis XL: Goddess of Magic
Isis XL: Goddess of Magic -
Isis XL: Goddess of Magic -

Isis XL: Goddess of Magic

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Solid silver statue of Isis: Goddess of Magic - One of the most important goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon. Her name presumably meant ‘a throne’ or ‘a seat’, hence originally she was portrayed with the throne-like hieroglyph on her head, becoming a personification of a pharaoh’s throne.

Revered for her magic powers as a healer who could not only treat the sick, but also bring life back to the dead. She was the role model for women as a wife and a mother, who sacrificed a lot to have a child in the first place, and then to keep him alive at all costs.

Portrayed kneeling with her wings outspread and wearing a headdress of cow horns and a solar disk, Isis, a supreme deity, shows her many sides - a powerful sorceress, protector of the dead, a loving wife and a devoted mother. Considered amongst the most powerful of Egyptian deities. 

Isis XL will have most limited mintage but is available in the 16oz standard size by request.  XL Model features exclusive feature with 2 secret compartments! 
  • Dimensions: L 22cm x W 10.8cm x H 16.5cm
  • Contains: 52+ troy ounces of solid silver
  • Weight: 1760+ grams
  • Limited Casts: 100
  • Includes: Certificate of Authenticity, custom box and laser fit foam. Each piece has laser-etched serial number & purity .925 silver

Isis is part of our complete Gods of Ancient Egypt Collection. Accompanied by Anubis: God of the Underworld, Horus: God of the Sky, and Bastet: Goddess of Protection all available in standard and XL statues. With new additions in development now! 


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